Sam Walton’s Success Secrets

Sam Walton reportedly followed a set of rules to which he has credited his sucess.What are his 10 rules? Sam Walton credited his “10 Rules” as the secret behind his success in business and in life. Here is the list:
Rule #1 : COMMIT to achieving success and always be passionate.
Rule #2 : SHARE your success with those who have helped you.
Rule #3 : MOTIVATE yourself and others to achieve your dreams.
Rule #4 : COMMUNICATE with people and show your care.
Rule # 5: APPRECIATE and recognise people for their effort and results.
Rule # 6 : CELEBRATE your own and other’s accomplishments.
Rule # 7 : LISTEN to others and learn from their ideas.
Rule # 8 : EXCEED the expectations of others by setting high standards.
Rule # 9 : CONTROL your expenses and save your way to prosperity.
Rule # 10 : SWIM UPSTREAM, be different, and challenge the status quo.

As you look closely at his 10 Rules you will see that one of his rules is about commitment as a leader, one is about serving customers, one is about controlling expenses, one is about risk-taking and six are about how to treat people.

Sam Walton once said, ” If you take care of the associates (employees), the associates will take of the customers and the business will take care of itself.”

Source: Corporate Dossier(ET)


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