My prediction for 2009!

My 10 predictions for the year 2009:
ICICI Bank will be the best performing stock from the Index stocks as CASA improves and interest rates fall.
RIL will go for a big ticket acquisition thanks to its substantial cash flow generation from gas sale.
3i Infotech or Firstsource or both will be put on the block but dont expect high premiums as both are heavy debt companies.  
Sensex range will be between 10k-14k as markets start discounting positive news earlier than expected.
Rupee will around 45 to the dollar as FII/FDI flows resume slowly.
Crude between $40-60
Gap between India & China’s GDP growth will narrow to 1%.
PE players will be most active in India amongst all the markets in the world.  
Overweight: Banking, Oil&Gas, Capital Goods, Pharma
Neutral/Underweight: Metals,Cement, Telecom, IT, Real-estate
I must admit I have been wrong in 2008. I will consider myself lucky if I get my call right in 2009!

4 responses to “My prediction for 2009!

  1. What were ur predictins 4 2008??

  2. At the start of 2008, my sense was Sensex would end 2008 between 21000-23000. Ofcourse, I got carried away with the bulls. No one knew the depth of the recession. When the crude price was around $130bbl, I turned bearish on crude.

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