Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Multibaggers !!

I have tried to find out when did the Ace Investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala first bought a stock and at what (Average) price, adjusted for bonus issue and stock split through the BSE Shareholding pattern and BSE Historical prices data. BSE doesn’t disclose holdings less than 1% so its very likely that he must have bought some stocks earlier and subsequently raised it to more than 1%. In bracket is the multibaggers he is making at CMP (as of today). Considering his acquisition price, the dividend yields on most of his stocks is as high as 20% !!!

Crisil was bought in the March’02 quarter when the stock was trading at an average price of 250 (16 bagger) .

He bought Titan in the June’02 quarter when the stock was trading at 65. At the Myiris.com Investor meet two years ago, Jhunjhunwala mentioned he bought Titan at 40 which means he bought Titan before the June’02 quarter (30 bagger)

RJ first bought Lupin in the Dec’02 quarter when the stock was trading at 60 (15 bagger)

Pantaloon was bought in the Sept’03 quarter when the stock was trading at 22. Rights issue excluded (15 bagger)

Nagarjuna Construction was bought in the March’04 quarter when the stock was trading at 16 (9 bagger)

Praj Industries was bought in the March’04 quarter when the stock was trading at just Rs 4.5 (21 bagger)

Bilcare was bought in the March’04 quarter at 125 (3 bagger)

Geojit BNP Paribas was bought in the March’05 quarter at 7.5 (almost 6 bagger)

Punj Lloyd was bought in the March’06 quarter at 210 (No bagger here)

Karur Vysya Bank was bought in the June’06 quarter at 275 . Rights issue of 1:2 in 2006 excluded. (No bagger here)


5 responses to “Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Multibaggers !!

  1. If you add up the rights and bonuses that Karur Vysya bank has given, you will come across an obscene amount of gain. When Udayan Mukherjee asked him about Karur, this is what he replied.

    Q: You are more optimistic on some of the private sector banking space?

    A: Yes because I think, there is going to be consolidation in Indian banking, it’s not more then three-four years away. Most old private sector banks today quote between 1-1.5 times book and I think, consolidation will not take place at less than 2.5-3 times book and their profits are growing at about 20-25%. In fact, I have an investment in Karur Vysya Bank which I made in around 1993. I never sold that investment until today and if I am not wrong, Rs 150 investment today – one share became 10, 10 became 30, 30 became 90, 90 became 270 – so Rs 150 investment is Rs 80,000 today. I have never sold that investment and there is a natural growth in banking.

  2. I do remember that interview. But if you see the BSE and NSE Shareholding pattern, the earliest data is of the June’05 quarter but there is no mention of his name. So there is no evidence of the same.

  3. Yes, Devesh, you are right. The holding again resurfaces in June 2006 quarter ended. He keeps sellng and increasing his holding of Karur. I am not sure if he totally exited in 2005 or kept a holding of below 1% in that stock.

  4. Hi Devesh:

    Eagerly awaiting your inputs on RJ’s portfolio moves for quarter-cum-year-ended March 10 :-), some very interesting moves indeed like entering SREI, reducing geometric, selling a bit of Titan, and getting out of Mid-Day quite recently after the shareholding was published, etc. Eagerly await the elegant research and analyses that you put forth quarter after quarter.

  5. deveshkayal

    You have summarised it very well. I believe RJ made the most money in the last one year. Look at his timing in various investments like Titan, Lupin, Rallis….Amazing!!

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