Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s holdings as on 30th September’09

This is just a small brief on what the Big Bull bought/sold the last quarter.

He bought 1,54,500 shares of Lupin, 1,37,105 shares of Titan Industries, 6,00,000 shares of Karur Vysya Bank, 203000 shares of Rallis India and 8,00,000 shares of Geometric in the quarter ending September’09.

He sold 19575 shares of Bilcare. This is his second consecutive quarter of selling in Bilcare.

No change in holdings in Crisil, Punj Lloyd, Pantaloon Retail, Geojit BNP, Praj Industries, Zen Technologies and Nagarjuna Constructions. Not all the companies have disclosed the shareholding pattern.

Wish you a very Happy Diwali. Don’t expect markets to go up by 90% again by the next Diwali though the bull market remains intact ! Avoid Index stocks and buy quality midcap stocks.


6 responses to “Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s holdings as on 30th September’09

  1. hi, dev what ur view on mcnally bharat, mrs. jhunjhunwala bought on 8 oct 500000 shares. u know that?

  2. Hi Devesh, nice to know that RJ is piling on into Lupin in a big way. I think this must be the third straight quarter where he has increased his holdings. By the way, that comment about Mrs. Rekha J buying shares of McNally Bharat is true and is available in NSE bulk deals and also at deadpresidents. Thanks Arun for the info. This really looks like a good play on material handling and mineral development sectors which are generally underresearched and understudied.

  3. McNally’s PAT grew 98% in Q1 which is stupendous. From the management comment, it seems like they will end up with 54crs in PAT in FY10. Most of their recent orders are from NTPC and BHEL. But they are planning some dilution through rights issue @ 140, CMP around 190. Generally rights issue announcement cap the upside till the rights issue is completed. It is a surrogate play on Infrastructure. I am not sure about the management since I am wary about companies based in Kolkata. Do you have more information on this one. Their ROE’s and ROCE ??

  4. I did some digging on the company, and pieced together quite a bit of written material on this company. This looks like a company on the threshold of change as it is refocusing itself on material handling and mineral processing along with construction equipment. These areas have tremendous scale of opportunity in India and apparently the rise in PAT that you mentioned, is proof that this company has got its strategy right.

    A large addressable opportunity, scalability, and a driven entrepreneur combined with attractive valuations make this a typical Rakesh Jhunjhunwala stock pick. I found this article the most useful of the lot, hope this helps Devesh.


  5. Thanks for the link. McNally’s ROE is 20% which is quite low. They would need to do equity dilution frequently to grow. I would stay away bcoz it does not meet my criteria of ROE of atleast 30%.

  6. According to NSE India shareholding, he has entered into VIP Industries in the last quarter.

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