Akash Prakash’s Amansa Capital Portfolio

Amansa Capital, run by Akash Prakash, having assets under management of around $300mn with a focus on midcap companies in India. In an interview with FinanceAsia, Akash Prakash mentioned that they have invested in around 25 companies with investment size of $8mn-12mn each though I can only find out 13 of them with market value of $110mn.

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Ltd (market value of around Rs 53crs)

Max India (Management mentioned they will recover all losses of previous 3 quarters and end FY11 in the black. Major beneficiary of reforms in Insurance if and when it happens )

Whirlpool of India (MV of Rs 50crs) . I had posted about Whirlpool last year in my blog.

Greaves Cotton (Manufacturers of engines for Piaggio, Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra’s three-wheeler vehicles. Also manufactures Construction equipment. I have a vested interest in this stock)

Rallis India (Stock had a dream run over the past 2 years. Still it should do well in the long term)

Entertainment Network of India Ltd (ENIL) (Owners of Radio Station “Radio Mirchi” )

Gujarat Pipavav Port (Anchor investor in IPO last year)

Blue Star (See recovery in earnings only in H2 of FY12)

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (market value of around Rs 32crs)

Edelweiss Capital (I have not seen any industry as competitive as broking)

Carborundum Universal (The company targets a Return on Capital Employed of 25% from 21.5% currently over the next few years)

OnMobile Global (Beneficiary of 3G)

Tube Investments of India ( It seems like some sort of obsession with Muruguppa Group companies! )

I think (from the few companies I track) the portfolio is very well diversified across sectors with companies known for maintaining high standard of corporate governance. Since Akash Prakash appears on business channels frequently and writes a column for Business Standard with no mention of his fund’s holdings anywhere, I thought why not find out from the BSE!


11 responses to “Akash Prakash’s Amansa Capital Portfolio

  1. It took a while for you to break your silence but when you finally did, it has been worth the wait. We really appreciate your hardwork and the goodness to share the compilation.



  2. I am glad you liked it.

  3. I wonder hw u searched fr the companies Amansa is invested in from the BSE..is there such a search option available??Else it wud b a humungous task!!

  4. There is no search option on BSE. I looked at BSE 500 companies only.

  5. Wow.. thats quite something… n u have also put this out on ur blog fr all of us to see…Hats off to u :))

  6. lucky for me? i share his obsession for the Murugappa group. Bought Chola because they showed the lack of ego in selling the mutual fund business. Sadly still in the broking business (and they are making money, beats me how!!). Carborundum universal, Coro International – both have had a 10 year dream run…

  7. Thanks for providing this value stocks

  8. mahindra lifespace is missing..amansa has added further in jan2012…tks for spadework…

  9. Dear Sir,
    What are your views on Titan Ind. If someone holding from very long (10 years+), is it a time/price for investment sell. OR titan can still give reasonable return for couple of more years from here onward. ( From CMP)


  10. Hi Kishor,
    Titan is emerging from a jewellery/watches to a lifestyle company. It should do well over the next few years.

  11. I think they have stake in Mahindra Lifespace too. You may want to check that

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