About me


Thanks for visiting my blog.

I suppose I dont need to mention my name going by the blog address 🙂 I am an independent individual investor. I manage some HNIs equities portfolio. I have been investing in markets since 2006. I have had my share of winners and losers. I hope to write my thoughts on fund raising by co’s (primary and secondary), fund managers, individual stock ideas and sectoral analysis.

Any feedback, suggestions and opinions will be appreciated.


5 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Devesh,

    I loved your (short but incisive) post on the incredible profits of oil rich nations. Whenever I read about OPEC reps saying that ‘they are concerned about speculation driving up oil’, I think about your post, and this brings a smile to my face!

    Our team at moneyvidya.com is building a ‘facebook’ for investors/traders (right not we only have a blog up, but the beta is imminent). We’re currently reaching out to prospective early adopters – including finance bloggers such as yourself for our private beta. We understand that its going to be people such as yourselves, passionate about finance and technology, that are going to be critical in determining our site’s success.

    If you’re interested (I really hope you are!) please drop me an email at: gautam.kshatriya@moneyvidya.com or give me a call on +91 9930245221 (Mumbai cellphone).

    Again, apologies for reaching out to you in a rather spammy manner – but I couldn’t find an email address on your site.

    Thank you,

    Gautam Kshatriya

  2. Devesh,

    Explored a lot your website and honestly buddy liked it a lot.Even I have got a blog related to the same aspect.My main intent is to provided simple gullible investors the news behind the arena which arent available or accesable to them.Its been getting some 1200-1500 hits per day registered reader being 1000 odd.It compliments a lot with your blog,do be in touch and certainly we can work upon on something.


  3. hi, devesh i read your blog. I like it i also so much intrest in stock market. are u belive in analysis paid services? Like prakash gaba.com, ashwanigujral.com, rajatkbose.com? what ur opinion about paid services of technical analysists?

  4. Hi Devesh,

    I am currently doing my own start-up in personal finance. Would like to connect with you over email to exchange some notes. Possible? My email id & bio is mentioned in the form.


    Santosh Navlani

  5. Hi,
    Would be grateful if you could modify the blogroll of my blog – it should now be spparekh.blogspot.com with the same name ‘Initial Private Opinion’. Thanks.

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